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  • Anna
    I was in a bind years ago and needed a car. Went down to Repokar auction. I was outbid on a BMW I was looking at and at the end of the car line I knew I needed something. I randomly bid on a car I had not even looked at. One bid... Two bid... and decided that I would not bid any more. SOLD for $250 wait. Do I receive the successful buying email? What did I just buy? I just bought a 1985 Chrysler Laser? What is that? That car became known as the luxury one. It ran great, had luxury features that at one time were actually luxury.

  • Donna
    I would recommend this place to everyone looking to get a great deal on a used vehicle that might need work or can be driven the way it is after getting all the paperwork done on the vehicle.

  • Young
    I bought my Mazda for $600 bucks over a year ago and I have minimal issues. The ones I bought had good reports and were luckily in great running condition. It's a great place to go if you're in need for a quick used car.

  • Michael
    I didn't like car auctions until my brother had a great deal with Repokar car auction.. He bought a GMC Only for $650 and repaired it, after that he sold it for $4000, I was shocked really... It helps me to access Repokar car auction, there are many used cars and very cheap. It's a great place
When you're a bidder at Auto Auction in Dallas, not only do you get to enjoy the excitement of the auto auction, you become a player in a world-class lifestyle event. A place and time where you can get the car of your dreams, experience auction action at its best and potentially make your mark in automotive history. As a bidder, you will compete for the best used cars for sale at auction with other car shoppers, trying at the same time the advantages an online auto auction may offer. Items you may bid on include new vehicles and pre-owned autos, classic cars as well as tuned or modified models. The bidding process is fair and transparent, so that you may observe it directly from your computer and build your own bidding strategy to win cheap quality cars at our Dallas Auto Auction Texas. We are eager to deal with you and get prepared to experience the groovy bidding process at a public auto auction!

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We are the finest public auto action, which operates nationwide through the US and gives the buyers and sellers the possibilities to trade directly online and to make more successful car deals. Search for cars you desire at the best prices at Auto Auction in Dallas!

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