Getting Tinted Car Windows - Pros & Cons

05/19/2014 19:54:03
The addition of tint to one's car windows is one of the most common upgrades nowadays. Not only it adds to the style of your auto, but it actually has other advantages that will serve to the benefit of the occupants of the vehicle. So why do people..

The addition of tint to one's car windows is one of the most common upgrades nowadays.


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Not only it adds to the style of your auto, but it actually has other advantages that will serve to the benefit of the occupants of the vehicle. So why do people have their windows tinted? There is a number of reasons why drivers choose to do that. The benefits of tinted windows are huge, like:


- Not only do they protect the interior and upholstery of the vehicle from fading and cracking, but they also protect your eyes from glare and eyestrain;

- They block 65% of the sun’s heat, so that your car will stay considerably cooler;

- Your air conditioner won’t need to work as hard, so you’ll save fuel and help extend the life of your vehicle’s air conditioning system;

- They provide the privacy for the vehicle's occupants, since people can't see inside the tinted windows;

- One of the most common reasons people have their car windows tinted is the stylish appearance;

- They stop 99% of damaging ultraviolet UV-A and UV-B rays that expose you to risk of getting a skin cancer and other health conditions such as melanoma, cataracts, extra light sensitive eyes, and migraine headaches.

- Window film also makes your vehicle’s glass safer by holding shattered glass in place in case of an accident.


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Although tinted windows have many vantages, there are some Warnings concerning them as well, like:


- Reduced Outward Visibility


tint car windows,  tinted windows


If you have trouble seeing, window tint might not be the best idea, especially at night, since it can create a potentially dangerous situations and can lead to car accidents. That's why most states have different laws that determine to what extent the windows on a car can be tinted. This is measured by what is called Visible Light Transmission (VLT%), defined as the percentage of visible light that makes it through the tint. Make sure to check the requirements in your state before you apply the tint. Additionally, some states allow tinting on every window in the vehicle, provided you have side mirrors, while others outlaw tinting the windshield and two front windows.


- Vulnerability


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Another problem with window tint is that it can scratch, peel, or even bubble up with time. But having it removed isn’t the best experience. You could be charged as much to scrape it off as it cost to have it done.


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Most people agree that window tinting is best left to the professionals. Although tinted windows can be done on your own, it's better to let a professional to get the job done: not only it looks better, but will last longer and is guaranteed.


So you see, there are many factors to consider when having tinted windows installed, but obviously, there are much more benefits of tinting the windows of your car than leaving them unprotected.


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