Cars That We Love In Spite Of Their Flaws

06/02/2014 20:25:22
Did you ever notice that your car doesn't like you? Some people can't rest their elbows out of the new Chevrolet Camaro or Mini cars are too small to carry your family members, or if you are a tall one this small midget makes you feel uncomfortable a

Did you ever notice that your car doesn't like you? Some people can't rest their elbows out of the new Chevrolet Camaro or Mini cars are too small to carry your family members, or if you are a tall one this small midget makes you feel uncomfortable and ok, maybe you got in – but imagine what it will take you to climb OUT of it! Car enthusiasts just don't always realize that, for example, Maseratis fall apart, or Lotus Elises is a nasty little beast and the clamber into it can become a real challenge! In one word all cars nowadays are complicated and impossible to find a compromise.

Though these scampish situations we love our cars as they are and don't want to change them for no reason. Almost any modern production car has a powerful engine capable to develop high speed and has a high comfort thanks to soft suspension, absence of extraneous noises in the cabin, a large number of different devices and accessories, such as: ABS, air conditioning, cruise control and automatic transmission.

The Advantage of modern cars can be considered its appearance. Currently painting technology, processing and interior design have reached such a level that the new cars look like a magnet. Ergonomic design, thoughtful design and brilliant body make to attract attention, even those who have never thought about a new car.

Lack of a modern car can be considered the high cost of repairs.

As for example we took few model cars that we love and don't pay attention on its flaws:

The Mercedes G-Class is an endearing car model - its muscular body is developed for endurance of many obstacles. But its stubby wheelbase and tall body makes a choppy ride, while a nearly upright windshield collects glare like a solar panel.

The Jeep Wrangler's removable doors make for a loud ride in the cabin, and crash tests indicate the Wrangler is only slightly less dangerous to commute in than the Titanic. But we love this flawed vessel: True freedom is riding in a Wrangler sans doors on a sunny day.

Most of Automobiles the driver can select what fuel he wants to run. The disadvantage of using the gas can be regarded as a periodic presence of smell in the cabin. Although there is nothing dangerous, sometimes it can just reduce the comfort. In addition, the gas cylinder, playing the role of the gas tank, takes a lot of space in the trunk, so carring goods you will have to densify.

We're not surprised that a modern Mustang appears to have been designed with automatic transmissions in mind, but the shifter is so far away you can only comfortably shift into third or fifth if you're hugging the steering wheel. Or you have the world's longest arms. Either your hand hits the drink when you shift or the cupholders aren't even big enough to hold anything anyway.

If you maintain your vehicle properly and gently (caring, with love), it will provide you with a good ride for long long years. Remember that your car CAN love you back ;)


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